Sunday School: Q’s to Ask Before Dating & Pre-engagement

I was searching for stock photos to use for announcing this week’s Sunday School topic – questions to ask before dating & pre-engagement – and this photo just jumped out at me. There are quite a few principles we can draw from this image of a group of people climbing over rocky terrain.

1. You need to be equipped with the proper tools before you embark; or you can get seriously injured. It’s a bad idea to jump in without proper equipment.

2. It takes more than two people; it takes a community to provide the accountability, the encouragement, and the counsel you need along the way. It’s a big endeavor!

3. You need a clear idea of where you’re headed and agree on where you’re headed; or you’ll regularly run into conflicts, easily get lost along the way, or camp somewhere longer than you should.

4. This is God’s terrain, so enjoying Him is a big part of the purpose; you don’t want to lose sight of the Creator who made it all and designed it all for his glory.

5. If you take all of the above into account, this endeavor will prove to be a joyous process of maturing and growing. If you seek to be properly equipped, to be in community, and to be purposeful, this can only be a win-win for you.

Now, “we’re not speaking of perfection” (as Powlison put it), then “who could ever get married?!” Certainly not me. What we’re talking about instead is a “meaningful, moving-in-the-right-direction progress.” 

Lynn and I are looking forward to sharing more from Powlison’s helpful booklet, “Pre-engagement: 5 Questions to Ask Yourselves”, this Sunday, and hearing from you your thoughts and questions.

9/10 – Women’s Group Discussion

9/17 – Men’s Group Discussion